SASMAR Announces the Launch of the New Online Wholesale Ordering Facility for International Distribution

SASMAR launches an online wholesale ordering facility for online retailers, brick and mortar stores, pharmacies, and more.

SASMAR launches an online wholesale ordering facility for online retailers, brick and mortar stores, pharmacies, and more. 

Brussels, BELGIUM, 8 Nov 2013 –  SASMAR is a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer focused on the categories of fertility, family planning and female health. SASMAR is highly regarded for its patented fertility lubricant brand launched and quickly became the market leader in every country where it is actively sold. “Conceive Plus” is a scientifically formulated personal lubricant that is safe for use by coupes who are trying to conceive, compatible with sperm survival and migration and safe for oocytes and embryo development. The “Conceive Plus” fertility lubricant product is readily available through hospitals, fertility clinics, supermarkets, pharmacies and online. 

About 11 percent of women ages 15-44 have difficulties getting pregnant. Men also share this same difficulty and when put together, couples have difficulties getting pregnant. Seeking fertility treatments from specialists can be costly and for many couples out of the range of affordability. SASMAR’S “Conceive Plus®” Fertility Lubricant gives couples a chance at attaining the desired pregnancy. Regular lubricants kill or harm sperm, forming a barrier to sperm motility and effectively hindering the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Conceive Plus® preserves sperm motility and is scientifically formulated to allow the complete mixing of sperm. The gentle formulation of Conceive Plus® matches fertile cervical liquid and semen to create a conception-friendly environment that increases the chances of pregnancy naturally. Extensive studies have been conducted on Conceive Plus® since 2008 and data on the product presented to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine was published in "Fertility and Sterility", September 2009.

“With the launching of our new wholesale ordering online facility, retailers can register for a wholesale account, and start ordering in any quantity they need,” says Mr Claudiu Carlogea, group Commercial Manager of SASMAR.

SASMAR sells a line of “Conceive Plus” products, along with personal lubricants, Erexia (a product that improves blood circulation to penile tissue), and Purfeet (feet care products). Now with online ordering, companies can order what is needed easily and in private. Delivery is offered worldwide with warehouses in Belgium, Australia, and coming to the US soon. There is no minimum requirement for ordering, so retailers can order what is needed with just-in-time delivery.

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