New Corporate Identity and Logo For SASMAR

The identity of SASMAR received a facelift this week with the unveiling of a new corporate logo.

Brussels, 8 June 2017 - The identity of SASMAR Pharmaceuticals received a facelift this week with the unveiling of a new corporate logo. The new design provides a visual differentiation between the corporate identity and the brand identity of the company's portfolio of personal lubricant which will keep the former logo. 

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Established in 2005, SASMAR is a pharmaceuticals company focused on the family planning and women’s health categories with focus on personal and fertility lubricants. In the past 13 years the company has become one of the world's most trusted manufacturers of lubricants as the first major supplier of personal lubricant to the United Nations.


Recently SASMAR achieved significant organic growth on the back of its fertility lubricant which was designed by Doctors from Harvard University Hospital in the U.S to provide support for couples trying to get pregnant. The Conceive Plus product is an internationally Patented formulation designed to be compatible with human sperm and embryos for use by trying-to-conceive couples. The formula was initially in-licensed from Chicago based Aquatrove Biosciences, Inc. and was acquired by SASMAR in 2016.


The company wanted the corporate identity to express the new direction of the company while staying true to the foundations as a trusted manufacturer of personal lubricant. A differentiation between the corporation and the product range was a key focus as the company product portfolio expands into other pharmaceutical and over-the-counter categories.

The new logo keeps iconic drop with a new stylized shape to draw on the company's foundation as a personal lubricant manufacturer while also affirming that the organization is more complex and connected with the consumer needs of today.


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