Conceive Plus Now Sold At Most Lloyds Pharmacies, Assisting Trying-to-conceive Couples in the UK

Lloyds Pharmacies are now selling SASMAR’s Conceive Plus” fertility lubrication at most Lloyds Pharmacies in the UK.
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Lloyds Pharmacies are now selling SASMAR’s Conceive Plus” fertility lubrication at most Lloyds Pharmacies in the UK. Conceive Plus fertility lubricant has been helping couples to conceive in the United Kingdom for more than five years.

London, UK, 19 nov, 2013 – Lloyds Pharmacies is now selling SASMAR's Conceive Plus” fertility lubricant in most of their pharmacies in the United Kingdom. “Conceive Plus®” fertility lubricant is an internationally patented, scientifically advanced personal lubricant formulation that contains magnesium and calcium ions, essential to prolonging sperm viability and motility. “Conceive Plus®” is safe for use all couples who are trying to get pregnant, enhancing both the enjoyment and the chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Nearly 20 percent of couples spend more than one year trying to get pregnant with no success. Experts predict that 7 percent of men have fertility issues. SASMAR’S “Conceive Plus” fertility lubricant has been clinically proven to maintain sperm viability, sperm motility and be safe for embryo development, assisting in providing an environment that may increase the likelihood of pregnancy. The data was presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Having sex ‘on demand’ can take the fun out of it, and often leads to vaginal dryness. Most vaginal lubricants have been found to inhibit the conception process or have no positive effect at all. Conceive Plus® is different. Sperm-friendly, non-irritant with a controlled pH and osmolarity range, Conceive Plus actively promotes egg fertilization and increases your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Try it today and see the results for yourself.

“Now more couples in the UK can access Conceive Plus directly off the shelf at their local Lloyds Pharmacy”. So Many couples that have bought and used our “Conceive Plus” fertility lubrication have been able to get pregnant and go on to have a healthy baby. Customers rave about how the lubricant helps with growing testimonials on how the product has helped couples to become pregnant,” says Anne-Sophie Rouquette , Brand Manager at SASMAR.

About SASMAR Consumer Healthcare

SASMAR is a pharmaceutical company focused on the categories of fertility, family planning and female health. Founded in 2005, the company is a major manufacturer of personal lubricant and supplier to international governmental organizations in HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness programs in third world and developing countries. The founding purpose of SASMAR was to provide high quality personal care products that benefited the lives of consumers. SASMAR has grown its product portfolio and international distribution in a very short period. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, the group has operations based in Sydney, London, Hong Kong and Chicago and has a presence in more than sixty countries through a network of distribution partners.

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