Australian Pharmaceutical Company Breaks Down Barriers To Conception For Would Be Mums Around The World

Australian pharmaceutical company Sasmar has released their conception product following three years of development in conjunction with fertility experts from respected university hospitals in the USA.

Australian pharmaceutical company Sasmar has released their conception product following three years of development in conjunction with fertility experts from respected university hospitals in the USA. The pink and gold packed Conceive Plus product will be on shelves in over thirty countries.The decision to try for a baby is filled with anticipation and excitement. For an increasing number of couples this can also be an anxious time, with conception itself being a major hurdle that can place emotional and physical demands on would be parents. 

To help, SASMAR introduces Conceive Plus, a scientific formulation designed to assist women on path to pregnancy. Conceive Plus is the only personal lubricant product that includes Calcium and Magnesium ions. These ions are present in all body fluids and are essential for cell viability and the process of fertilisation. Developed in association with leading fertility experts in the USA, Conceive Plus is scientifically formulated to match fertile cervical liquid and semen to create a conception-friendly environment that feels completely natural and assists conception process.
To survive and function, human sperm requires a narrow range of pH and Electrolyte concentration. The World Health Organisation has reported that the optimal condition for sperm survival and migration in the cervical mucus is a pH range from 7.0 to 8.5, and an osmolality in the region of 320 mOsm/kg. Sperm will not function optimally, and may loose their ability to get to, and fertilize the egg if the pH or Osmolality is outside of this range. Commercially available personal lubricants have been shown to either kill sperm outright or seriously hinder their ability to move (motility) because of their extremely unnatural formulations that are in most cases far from meeting these optimal conditions.
In Australia, as in other developed countries, couples are delaying starting a family, citing many lifestyle reasons such as career, financial constraints and lack of time. As a result, the age of first time mothers in Australia has increased to 29. At the same time, fertility is known to decrease dramatically with age not just for women but also for men. Infertility is defined by the World Health Organisation as being unable to conceive a baby naturally after at least 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse. Couples are increasingly turning to IVF for fertility treatment which can be painful, expensive and stressful. 3% of all babies in Australia are as a result of IVF. One in six Australian couples, of reproductive age, or approximately 3 million Australians will experience difficulties in conceiving a child. The figures are much greater in countries like Japan and Singapore now recognised as the most infertile countries internationally.
75% of would be parents turn to commercially available vaginal lubricants to counter the effects of vaginal dryness which is commonly experienced in trying to conceive. What many do not know, is that these lubricants have been shown (through 25 years of research ) to kill or harm sperm and negatively affect a couples chance of conceiving. 
SASMAR Conceive PlusTM is uniquely formulated to meet a very specific PH range and osmolality , defined by The World Health Organisation, as the optimal conditions for sperm survival and migration. Compare this to leading commercial lubricants which are far from meeting these optimal conditions. As a result, sperm with SASMAR Conceive PlusTM shows significantly improved viability as compared to sperm exposed to other lubricants and compared to sperm in optimum cell culture with no lubricant. 
How Conceive Plus can help couples trying to conceive:
  • Enhances sperm motility
  • Enhances sperm viability
  • Contains Calcium and Magnesium Ions
  • pH balanced to fertile cervical fluid and semen
  • Electrolyte balanced to match natural fluids
  • Promotes egg fertilisation

"Many consumers do not know that standard lubricants kill or harm sperm. I certainly did not. My husband are I are trying to conceive and we now understand the importance of using the right lubricant to create a happy healthy environment," says Alexia White, SASMAR.

Conceive Plus is available online and over the counter from leading Department Stores and Pharmacies in Australia and internationally from retailers in Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovakia, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore and most Middle Eastern countries. For additional information on the Conceive Plus product visit the website
About the company: SASMAR is an innovative consumer healthcare company with a portfolio of over the counter self medication pharmaceuticals sold in the grocery, pharmacy, convenience and mass channels within Australia and around the world. SASMAR products are high quality, effective solutions to some of the most common medical conditions affecting our community. For more information please visit
Conceive Plus is a Class 1 Medical Device listed on the ARTG. CE Marked. No patient data is available regarding viable pregnancies or birth outcomes as a result of using the Conceive Plus product. Use only as directed, always read the label. see for technical information about this product. 

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